Articles/Research Papers
Digital public infrastructure – a remarkable journey

Strategic Potential of Consumer Cooperatives in Competitive Retail Space: A Case of Warana Bazar, Maharashtra
by Shri. K. K. Tripathy (IES 1999)

IMF, World Bank debt revamp process needs a relook
by Shri Neeraj Kumar(IES 2013)

Digital Initiatives for Enhancing Ease of Living- the India Way
by Anshuman Kamila (IES 2020)

Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of women
by Ishita Ganguli Tripathy and Anuradha Guru

A bank account of her own: NFHS data offers clues on ways to bring more women under financial inclusion schemes
by Shruti Joshi and Anshuman Kamila (IES 2020)

Is de-globalisation a reality?
by Anuradha Guru, Prachi Singhal and Meera Unnikrishnan

India's consumption numbers fit into our big picture of progress
by V. Anantha Nageswaran, Anuradha Guru, and Deeksha Supyaal Bisht

An Evolving Evaluation Ecosystem: Lessons from the Indian Experience
by Dr. Abinash Dash, IES: 2009; Ms. Yashaswini Saraswat, IES: 2020

Fiscal vs monetary steps: A sound fiscal policy is key to fighting inflation
by Ashish Shinde

"OPINION | ‘Mobility’ and ‘Accessibility’ Key for Indian Cities in Tech Era"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"Government's grassroots innovations efforts: Fuelling innovation in the tech era"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"Opinion | Way Forward for Growth in Vulnerable Economies"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"Opinion | Relevance of Emotional Intelligence in Tech Era"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"India’s G20 presidency and promotion of city tourism"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010), Reshma Rajeevan (IES 2020)

"Health education in schools needs to be scaled up"
by Reshma Rajeevan (IES 2020), Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"How fiscal incentives can help us reduce pollution"
by Surjith Karthikeyan (IES 2010)

"Decoding the Union Budgets’ Financial Inclusion Agenda A Review of India’s Progress"
by Neeraj Kumar(IES:2013)

"Price Discovery and Market Efficiency in India’s Financial Futures Market within the Derivatives Landscape: An Empirical Analysis"
by Neeraj Kumar(IES:2013)

"Productivity Shock and Labour Input: Evidence from Correlated Unobserved Component Model"
by Jitender Singh (IES:2008)

"Embracing Digital Technologies at sub-national Governments- Issues; Challenges and Perspectives"
by Ms Nayantara Sasikumar (IES:2012)

"The materiality and morality of Net Zero should go hand in hand"
by Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran

"Why drones need to be part of Public Health care in India"
by Liankhankhup Guite (IES 2020)

"China plus one: Will the dragon now make way for the elephant?"
by Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms. Anuradha Guru (IES:1999) and Ms. Meera Unnikrishnan

UPAg: Digital Public Infrastructure for resolving diverse issues in agriculture
by Parul Jain (IES 2021)

"G20's reform blueprint from Gandhinagar"
by Dr V Anantha Nageswaran and Ms Anoopa Nair (IES:2010)

"My data, our growth"
by Ms Shweta Kumar (IES: 2008), Shri Abhinav Banka (IES:2021)

"G20 presidency: A driving force against global debt vulnerability"
by Dr V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms Tulsipriya Rajkumari (IES:2014)

"Time is now ripe for an integrated platform to monitor the Indian economy with data-driven analytics"
by Ms Anna Roy (IES:1992) , Shri Liankhankhup Guite (IES:2020)

"Do spillover effects exist in Indian markets?"
by Anshuman Kamila (IES:2020) and others

"Economic Contribution of the Indian Ports"
by Agrim kaushal 1995 batch

"Time is now ripe for an integrated platform to monitor the Indian economy with data-driven analytics"
by Anna Roy (IES:1992) and Liankhankhup Guite (IES: 2020)

"Potential of India's Future Workforce"
by Ms A Srija (IES:1996)

"Relevance of Large Datasets in Policy Making"
by Shri Anshuman Kamila (IES:2020)

"Focus on millets value chain for fortified nutritional security"
by Dr V. Anantha Nageswaran and Ms Shweta Kumar (IES:2008)

" We Must Prepare for the likely El Nino induced drought"
by by Parul Jain (IES 2021)

" Understanding Millets: Epicentre of India's Amber Revolution"
by Parul Jain (IES 2021)

"India Green Policy Push : Initiatives to Promote Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency"
by Shri Pallav Kumar Chittej (IES:2019)

"Water Conservation through Community Planning"
by Dr K.K. Tripathy (IES:1999)

"Sustainable Future"
by Shri Bikash Kumar Malick (IES:2015)

" Benefit Transfer in India: A global Role Model"
by Shri Anshuman Kamila (IES:2020)

"Exports tilt towards tech-heavy products"
by Ms Megha Arora (IES:2017) and Ms Sonali Chowdhry

"Economic Survey 2022-23: Industry and Services Regaining momentum"
by Ms Megha Arora (IES:2017) and Ms Shreya Bajaj (IES:2017)

"Unique city image, branding, and slogans can boost Indian local tourism industry"
by Shri Surjith Karthikeyan (IES:2010)

"A stitch in time for the ongoing green transition is what we need"
by Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms Deeksha Supyaal Bisht (IES:2018) , Ms Ritika Bansal (IES:2020)

"India has proven its resilience as a trading nation in recent times"
by Dr V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms. Anuradha Guru (IES:1999)

"Yellow Revolution 2.0"
by Ms. Leena Kumar (IES:2015) & Shri. Chitvan Singh Dhillon (IES:2017)

"El Niño events show a weakening effect on food output and prices"
by Dr V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms Shweta Kumar (IES:2008), Abhinav Banka (IES:2022)

"Unemployment Fluctuations in Urban Labour Market in India. Indian Journal of Labour Economics (2023)."
by Jitender Singh (IES-2008)

"Redefining ‘Regulation’ in an Emerging Tech Era"
by Shri Surjith Karthikeyan (IES: 2010)

"How ethics are key to global advancement in the technology era"
by Shri Surjith Karthikeyan (IES: 2010)

"Addressing Climate-Related Risks, The Key to Development"
by Shri Surjith Karthikeyan (IES: 2010)

"5G boost to India's digital learning"
by Shri Shoyabahmed Kalal (IES: 2011)

"Sentiment in RBI Financial Stability Reports"
by Anshuman Kamila (IES: 2020) and others

"Get millets back in food basket"
by Ms. Shweta Kumar (IES: 2008) and Shri Abhinav Banka (IES: 2022)

"IBC: Ideas, Impression and Implementation 2022"
by Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Shri Sudhaker Shukla, Shri Shashank Saksena, Ms Anuradha Guru (IES:1999) and other IES officers

"A grassroot approach to pursuing SDGs"
by Parul Jain (IES 2021)

"Long-run impacts of tube well irrigation in India"
by Parul Jain (IES 2021)

"Economic Survey 2023: Responsive policies and resilient economy"
by Rajiv Mishra (IES 1993)

"Calming inflation: Negotiating the knife-edge"
by Saikat Sarkar (IES 1995) and Dr. Harish Kumar Kallega (IES 2013)

"Expect action on our aim of carbon neutrality by 2070"
by Chandni Raina (IES 1996) and Ritika Bansal (IES 2020)

"Marching towards welfare for all"
by Dr. Anuradha Guru (IES 1999) and Deeksha Supyaal Bisht (IES 2018)

"Methodological Challenges in Estimating the Impact of Improved Sanitation on Child Health Outcomes." Economic & Political Weekly 57, no. 23 (2022): 35"
by Jitender Singh (IES 2008) and Bharat Dahiya

"A reformist thought to Fiscal Reform and Budget Management"
by Rajiv Mishra, Anshuman Kamila and Ritika Bansal

"How to tackle Delhi’s air pollution"
by By Surjith Karthikeyan

"Is trade fragmentation a cause for concern?"
by By Surjith Karthikeyan

"Fake news: How do you deal with it effectively?"
by By Surjith Karthikeyan

"Opinion | Water should essentially be part of the development goal"
by By Surjith Karthikeyan

"New tech can create more jobs"
by By Surjith Karthikeyan

"Volunteerism through Vidyanjali for education"
by Ms. A Srija And Sh. Abdul Momin

"Indian CEOs in top global firms: Diversities of largest democracy help in building leadership qualities"
by Surjith Karthikeyan and Rajesh C

"Onions: farmers on way to ‘tears of joy’?"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Case for decentralisation of price stabilization"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Finger on the pulse"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Staple fare, stable rates"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Ensuring sugar tastes sweet"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Diversification best bet, not price intervention"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Union Budget: Encourage diversification, reduce subsidy bill"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Wheat exports: A balancing act weighing in key priorities"
by Lokesh Kumar and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"India is beefing up its shipping industry to survive and thrive in future storms"
by Alex Chapman and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"How to go about moonlighting"
by Surjith Karthikeyan and Jayasree S

"Drones; Giving farmers the wings to fly"
by Parul Jain

"India's Female work participation rate is better than we think"
by V.Anantha Nageswaran, Harish Kumar Kallega and Deeksha Supyaal Bisht

"Telecom market structure in India and role of BSNL"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"A Deep-Dive into Management of Water Bodies and What are Economic Tools at Govt's Disposal"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Of nightingales, croak fests, singing to their own tunes"
by Chitvan Singh Dhillon

"Leveraging AI for tackling corruption "
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Time for economies to factor in happiness and well-being"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Why India Needs a larger patent office"
by Sh. Sanjeev Sanyal and Ms. Aakansha Arora

"India seeks to strengthen and reform WHO: Here’s why"
by Surjith Karthikeyan and Jijimol Suvarna

"A roadmap for Indian universities to be in the ‘Global Top 50’"
by Surjith Karthikeyan and Sheeja SR

"The Role of Reasonable User Charges in Financing the National Infrastructure Pipeline"
by Sh. Kumar V. Pratap and Ms. Manshi Gupta

"Why we must re-examine narrative of rural distress"
by Dr. Anantha Nageswaran and Ms. Deeksha Supyaal Bisht

"Jan Dhan, a financial inclusion game changer"
by Ms. Aditi Pathak and Ms. Shamim Ara

"A carbon Market that suits India would help fight climate Change"
by Dr. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms. Chandni Raina and Ms. Ritika Bansal

"Game Theory Can Help Analyze, If Not Resolve, Tensions Between China And Taiwan"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"Can cycling emerge as the best medium of transport?"
by Satinder Kumar and Surjith Karthikeyan

"Psyche and climate change"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

SHG Groups in UP - Financial Inclusion in Action | RGCT "Digital India is well positioned to make the most of globalization"
by Dr Anuradha Guru (Economic Adviser IES:1999) and Ms. Sonia Pant (Deputy Director General IES 2001)

"Plastic and Bio Medical Waste Management ; A case study in the Indian Scenario"
by Sh. Pallav Kumar Chittej

"Indian Infrastructure: The road sector shows the path"
by Sh. K.V. Pratap

"Agnipath has a long-term vision of a productive role for the youth"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Are rising Covid cases, a cause for worry? "
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"युवा दिल पर बढ़ रहा खतरा"
by पल्लव कुमार

"Fiscal Dominance in India: an empirical estimation"
by Anshuman Kamila

"What has COVID-19 taught us?"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"Addressing the economic trade-offs of interlinkages in contemporary agrarian markets "
by Sh. Sandeep Kumar, Sh. Anshuman Kamila and Ms. Ritika Bansal

"A new 'sun rise' in the North Easy"
by Kumar V Pratap

"Is our nation ready for Industry 4.0?"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"How a sustainable, destination-oriented tourism may do wonders for India"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"It is time for our Corporate Sector to work on Export Performance"
by Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran, Ms. Prerna Joshi and Sh. M. Rahul.

"Work from home is old but climate sensibilities are new"
by Ms. Shefali Dhingra and Ms. Anuradha Guru

"A short term ‘Tourism Strategy’ for India: Comprehensive state specific tourism strategies are vital"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"'Internet of Things' may revolutionise the agricultural sector"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Anchoring inflationary expectations"
by Sh Bhaskar J. Kashyap and Sh Arup Mitra

"Regulators too need evaluation"
by Ms. Anuradha Guru and Sh. MS Sahoo

"Blockchain can brighten up tourism scene"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Making exports a key growth driver"
by Ms. Prerna Joshi

"Budget 2022-23: Enabling exports as key growth driver"
by Ms. Prerna Joshi

"Enabling exports as a Key growth driver"
by Ms. Prerna Joshi

"Tackling the plastic problem"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Understanding online marketplace from antitrust point of view"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Sustainable transport needs augmentation to ‘New Transit Cities’ model"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Moving to an era of better regulation"
by MS Sahoo and Ms. Anuradha Guru.

"What does Artificial Intelligence spell for policy makers?"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Need to revisit global health agenda right now "
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"An agenda for the Indian education sector in the disruptive era"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"Union Budget 2022 and the big health push"
by Shoyabahmed Kalal & Vaishnavi Iyer

"India's health accounts: Public Policy Perspective"
by Shoyabahmed Kala

"Social relationships are like marriage in epoch of technology disruption"
by Satinder Kumar and Surjith Karthikeyan

"We must act now to clear path to carbon neutrality "
by Ritika Bansal

"How traditional, environment-friendly industries hold the key to India achieving its climate target."
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide; here’s how one can help contain the silent epidemic"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"COVID-19 pandemic offers perfect opportunity to improve India's legal system through disruptive tech, here's why"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Global Value Chains and trade statistics: Why do they matter?"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"India’s 5G leap is about powering tomorrow"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Why India, a global leader in vaccination and immunisation, should now focus on Universal Health Coverage"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Behavioural economics approach against Omicron"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Reforms to drive industrial recovery and growth"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Leadership, transformation efforts in disruptive era: Is it challenging?"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Striking a balance between big data analytics and confidentiality"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"How Reliable Is Labour Market Data in India?"
by Ms. A Srija & Jitender Singh

"The touchstones of effective regulation"
by MS Sahoo and Ms. Anuradha Guru

"Budget FY23 must ease infra-funding"
by Dr. Kumar V Pratap

"India's app economy needs a satisfactory consumer grievance redressal forum "
by Sh. Anshuman Kamila and Ms. Akshita Goyal

"Macro economic stability: An enabler and an outcome "
by Sh. Rajiv Mishra

"Reforms to drive industrial recovery and growth "
by Ms. Ritika Bansal

"Expert Speak: India’s sui generis ‘Agile’ economic policy response "
by Ms. Tulsipriya Rajkumari

"Economic Survey 2021-22: India’s agile fiscal policy response "
by Ms. Gurvinder Kaur

"‘Sabka vikas’ all the way: Progress in the new socio-economic milieu "
by Sh. Anshuman Kamila

"One nation, one ration card holds promise"
by Aditi Pathak and Shabnam

"A good synthesis of climate and transport economics would help"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Least we can do"
by Bikash K. Malick

"Why natural experiments are a natural choice for nobel prize"
by Anshuman Kamila and Yashaswini Saraswat

"India needs to plan well to tackle obesity"
by Sh. Surjith Karthikeyan

"Air pollution claims over 10 lakh lives every year and yet we tend to ignore it"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"Exposing China's Investment Strategy"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"Making Agriculture Climate Resilient "
by Pratibha Sharma

"Boost Tourism through Disruption"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"India can go the Khadi way to realize its bamboo potential, cut imports from China"
by Bhaskar J. Kashyap and Rajiv Mishra

"Time for a sovereign wealth fund"
by Jaydeep Mukherjee and Anshuman Kamila

"IBBI Annual Publication 2021"
by Dr Shashank Saksena, Ms. Kokila Jayaram, Ms Aakanksha Arora, Mr Sudhaker Shukla, (Retd. IES), Dr. Anuradha Guru

"Simplifying Voluntary Liquidation Process: Improving Ease of Exit in India"
by Sanjeev Sanyal and Aakanksha Arora

"Solving India’s innovation puzzle"
by Neha Singh

"Exploit the potential of natural experiments for Policy Making"
by Yashaswini Saraswat and Anshuman Kamila

"The e-Rupi could take us a long way towards financial inclusion"
by Ms. Aakansha Arora

"India-EBRD Partnership: Current Status and the Way Forward"
by Mr. Prasanna V. Salian and Mr. Subhasis Dhal, Indian Adviser in EBRD

"How many jobs were lost in urban India during lockdown?"
by Arup Mitra & Jitender Singh, (2021)

"Anti Trust Framework calls for paradigm shift"
by Sh. Rohit Chawla and Sh. Vivek Parashar

"Our Bankruptcy Code deserves credit for what it has achieved"
by Ms. Anuradha Guru and Ms. Neeti Shikha

"Creating a synergy between human and machine will be the winning formula in this brave new world of Artificial Intelligence"
by Amit Kumar Jain and Surbhi Jain

"Industry 4.0 is not a zero-sum game"
by Rohit Chawla and Arup Mitra

"Renegotiating FTAs: India and the EU"
by Ms. Sonia Pant and Sh. Manoj Pant

"The heady Monsoon Mix"
by Chitvan Singh Dhillon

"How India can harness the full potential of its production-linked incentive scheme"
by Archana Kumari (IES 2019 batch) and Kaustubh(Research Scholar, IGIDR)

"A tightrope walk for RBI"
by Sh. Rohit Chawla and Ms. Megha Arora-reg

"Carbon Tariffs needn't impede Indian exports to the EU"
by Ms. Ritika Bansal and Prachi Singhal

"Health Sector needs funds and manpower"
by Shoyab Ahmed Kalal and Deepjyot Kaur

"India has managed its external Sector Well"
by Ms. Surbhi Jain and T.Gopinath

"Good Governance Practices and Competitiveness in Cooperatives "
by K.K. Tripathy

"Incentivizing production of pulses, oilseeds"
by Rupa Dutta and Supriya Malik

"A digital health ID will upgrade India's healthcare in one shot"
by Shoyabahmed Kalal and Deepjyot Kaur

"Why is food inflation still haunting us"
by A. Srija and Shreya Bajaj

"A place for disruptive technology in India's health sector"
by Surjith Kartikeyan and Gowtham Daas Rajendran

"Towards a Stronger Mental Health Strategy"
by Surjith Karthikeyan

"No Misunderstanding"
by A. Srija and Jitender Singh

"Are we creating outcomes similar to Power Sector by proliferating metro rail across cities in India?"
by Dr. K.V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"The COVID 19 Pandemic and Livelihood Loss: Lessons for the future "
by Sh. Jitender Singh and Dr. Arup Mitra

"Dont Give in to Airports' Covid-relief demand"
by Dr. K.V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"Empowering National Digital Health Mission with data and technology"
by Ms. Radhika Sharma, IES 2019

"Govt’s capex scheme to augment Indian states’ equitable long-term growth"
by Anshuman Kamila and Yashaswini Saraswat, 2019 batch

"The Many benefits of Eco Tax" in the Hindu"
by Shri. Surjith Karthikeyan, IES 2010.

"Fiscal Dominance in India: Through the Wind Shield and the Rear View Mirror"
by Anshuman Kamila (IES: 2019).

"Energy Transition: No Rush for India on Net Zero"
by Kumar V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"Infrastructure Lessons from the States"
by Kumar V. Pratap (IES: 1992).

"WTO Must Prioritise Food Security"
by Prachi Singhal (IES: 2016).

"Reform India's Fiscal Management Law for Counter-cyclical Impact"
by Anshuman Kamila (IES: 2019), Ritika Bansal (IES: 2019), and Rajiv Mishra (IES: 1993).

"Co-working offices — the future of workplaces"
by Surbhi Jain (IES: 2001).

"Strengthening Wage Policies ti Protect Incomes of the Informal and Migrant Workers in Inida amidst COVID-19 Pandemic"
by Bikash Kumar Malick (IES: 2015).

"Fuel Price Movement in India – An Introspection"
by A. Srija (IES: 1996) and Shreya Bajaj (IES: 2017).

"Why G-SAP 1.0 is a bold move by RBI"
by Rohit Chawla (IES: 2016)

"Why G-SAP 1.0 is a bold move by RBI"
by Rohit Chawla (IES: 2016)

"Getting Economy back on Track will be an Uphill task"
by Ishita G. Tripathy (IES: 1999) and Anuradha Guru (IES: 1999)

"Stubborn food inflation"
by A. Srija (IES: 1996) and Shreya Bajaj (IES: 2017)

"Healthcare needs a reform, spending boost"
by Shikha Dahiya (IES: 2014) and Aditi Pathak (IES: 2014)

"Three Mantras for the Informal Sector"
by DPS Negi (IES: 1985)

"Tackling the stubble burning problem"
by Yashaswini Saraswat (IES: 2019) and Anshuman Kamila (IES: 2019)

"Property taxation: Both untapped and unrealised"
by Aditi Pathak (IES: 2014) and Shikha Dahiya (IES: 2014)

"Towards a Healthy India"
by Abinash Dash (IES: 2009)

"Strengthening Agriculture Value Chain through Collectives: Comparative Case Analysis"
by Kamala Kanta Tripathy (IES: 1999)

"Exploring the Convergence Puzzle in India"
by Anshuman Kamila (IES: 2019)

"Small units are big growth drivers"
by Ishita G. Tripathy (IES: 1999) and Anuradha Guru (IES: 1999).

"Connecting The Dots: How Covid-19 pandemic could prove to be an opportunity to build more & better infrastructure"
by Kumar V. Pratap (IES: 1992)

"The 'right way' towards a $5-trillion economy"
by Rajiv Mishra (IES: 1993)

"Data ecosystem needs an overhaul"
by DPS Negi (IES: 1985)

"Paradigm Ideological Shift in the Envisaged Role of the Public Sector"
by Surbhi Jain (IES: 2001) and Tulsipriya Rajkumari (IES:2014)

"How the New Labour Codes Create a Win-Win Situation"
by DPS Negi (IES: 1985) and Chitvan Singh Dhillon (IES:2017)

"A Tale of Two Methodologies"
by A.Srija (IES: 1996) and Jitender Singh (IES: 2008)

"Towards swasth Bharat"
by Tulsipriya Rajkumari (IES: 2014) and Sanjana Kadyan (IES: 2016)

"Budgeting for energy justice"
by Jitendra Asati (IES: 2009)

"Wage Code and Rules: Impact on the Effectiveness of Minimum Wage Policy"
by Bikash K. Malick (IES:2015)

"Strengthening Wage Policies to Protect Incomes of the Informal and Migrant Workers in India"
by Bikash Kumar Malick (IES:2015)

"15th Finance Commission: Getting ready for the new normal"
by Aditi Pathak (IES:2014) and Shikha Dahiya (IES:2014)

"A booster dose for the economy"
by Surbhi Jain (IES:2001) AND Gurvinder Kaur (IES:2014)

"Surveys to capture the big picture of employment: Interview of DPS Negi (IES:1985)"
by DPS Negi (IES:1985)

"Budget 2021: Focus on urban-infra innovation"
by Kumar V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"Staying on Track amid a Pandemic"
by Rajiv Mishra (IES:1993)

"Resilient India fends off pandemic blow"
by Surbhi Jain (IES: 2001)

"Economic Survey 2021| India’s healthcare policy: Beyond pandemics"
by Abinash Dash (IES: 2009)

"Indian economy and the possible trinity of resilience"
by Sanjana Kadyan (IES: 2016) and Tulsipriya Rajkumari (IES:2014)

"Union Budget FY22: The reforms push to infrastructure"
by Kumar V Pratap (IES: 1992)

"Challenges ahead for the oil and gas sector"
by Jitendra Asati (IES: 2009)

"Building a viable value chain for pulses"
by Sachin Bansal and Rupa Dutta (IES: 1986) and Venkat Hariharan Asha (IES: 2016)

"Enforcing contracts: Upholding the sanctity of contracts"
by Kumar V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"Takeaways from a "coronised" 2020"
by Surbhi Jain (IES:2001)

"Consumption pattern, not economic shock behind 'poor' child health indicators"
by Neeraj Kumar (IES: 2013)

"Aviation sector: Resilience amid uncertainty brought about by Covid-19"
by Aruna Arora (IES:2018)

"The economic fallout of Covid-19:A case of deja vu?"
by Ms. Anuradha Guru, IES:1999 and Ms. Ishita Ganguli Tripathy , IES:1999

"Democratizing Audits At Grassroots will truly empower our Citizenry"
by Sh. Chitvan Singh Dhillon, IES:2017

"Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project failures: Don’t put zombies on life-support"
by Sh. Kumar V.Pratap, IES:1992

"The crucial crutch of digital payments"
by Surbhi Jain (IES:2001) and Ashish Shinde (IES:2013)

"Will Covid, IT reduce intra-city commute?"
by Surbhi Jain (IES:2001)

"In post-Covid world, services will recover fast"
by Sonia Pant (IES:2001)

"A permanent fiscal secretariat needed"
by Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha (IES:2016)

"Power play: How renewables’ march could end state discom era"
by Kumar V Pratap, IES:1992

"Bilateral netting, by law"
by Tarun Bajaj, Secretary, DEA and Shashank Saksena (IES:1987)

"Re-imaging agriculture through the lens of food processing industry"
by Sanjana Kadyan (IES:2016) and Tulsipriya Rajkumari (IES:2014)

"MSP regime indispensable"
by PC Bodh (IES:1987)

"MSMEs - re-defined for growth"
by Surbhi Jain (IES:2001) and Sonali Chowdhry

"Need for non-economic globalisation: Lessons from the Coronavirus pandemic"
by Aakanksha Arora (IES:2013) & Aasheerwad Dwivedi

"Rural India’s covid-19 challenge: Low access to soap and water"
by Aakanksha Arora (IES:2013) & Aasheerwad Dwivedi

"Why inducting private sector into operation and maintenance of Delhi’s water supply system is a positive step"
by K.V. Pratap (IES:1992)

"Rising on innovation: India has made it to top-50 in the GII"
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Flawed Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge should be renegotiated to end contractor's undue gain
By Kumar V Pratap, Pramod Agrawal & Syedain Abbasi





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