Working Paper
"The euro zone crisis: Its dimensions and implications"
by Sh. M.R. Anand (IES:1981), Sh. GL Gupta (IES:2008) and Sh. Ranjan Dash

"Pulses scenario in India"
by Rupa Dutta, Abhay Kumar, Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Agricultural Sector: Evolving a medium term framework"
by Brijesh Kumar Patel, Sachin Bansal and Venkat Hariharan Asha

"Sentiment in RBI Financial Stability Reports"
by Anshuman Kamila

"Why India needs to urgently invest in its IPR ecosystem"
by Sanjeev Sanyal and Aakanksha Arora

"Efficiency and agglomeration economies in India An industry level analysis across states"
by Abhay Joshi

"Assessment of the Quality of State Expenditures in India"
by Abhinav Banka

"Forecasting of India’s Merchandise Exports: A comparative analysis of Classical Time Series Methods and Deep Learning Method (LSTM in Particular)"
by Ansuman Sharma

"Financial Inclusion and its determinants in India"
by Sudipto Mondal

"Mobile Childhood, Immobile Aspirations: A district level exploratory analysis on educational attainment and child migratory movements in India"
by Unninarayanan Kurup

"An Economic Analysis of Production of Pulses in India"
by Vaibhav Yashwant Mohare

"INDIA – ASEAN: Trade Relation Analysis and its exclusion from RCEP"
by Aarti Garg

"Efficiency of cotton production in India: Stochastic Frontier Analysis"
by Isha

"Analysis of trade performance and export competitiveness of Indian textile industries"
by Manisha

"Child Hunger: Comparative Analysis of the situation across Indian States"
by Parul Yadav

"MSME Performance and Employment Generation: A case study of Rajasthan"
by Prerana Singh

"Technical Migration of Exports in Clean Energy Goods: The Indian Paradigm"
by Sahar

"Impact of NPA on profitability of scheduled commercial Banks"
by Shivani Mohan

"Cryptocurrency as a financial asset : its volatility and linkages with macroeconomy"
by Shweta Goel

" Comparative Analysis of Performance across Schools in Uttar Pradesh"
by Trishla Singh

"Changing Patterns of Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Impact of FDI in India"
by Aishwariya Jain

"Forecasting the Daily Exchange Rate of Rupee against Major Currencies"
by Arushi Gupta

by Arushi Yadav

"Estimation of Expenditure Multiplier for India"
by Esha Swaroop

"Analysing India’s Export Potential with G-20 countries"
by Grishma Goyal

by Kushwant Kumar

"Efficiency Of Indian Food Processing Industry :A Stochastic Frontier Approach"
by Mannu Jain

"Inter- state Migration in India"
by Neeraj Kumar

"Pattern of structural change – Analysis of the Industrial sector in Developing countries"
by Niharika Khatana

"Institutions and Economic Development"
by Parul Jain

"The Analysis of Service Sector post 1970"
by Siddhant Kujur

"Impact of IBC on Credit Networks and Firm Performance: An analysis of pre and post IBC era"
by Tanveer Ahmad Khan

"Urbanisation and Female Labour Force Participation rate in India."
by Tshering Chombay Lama





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