Officers Profile
Dr. Kumar V. Pratap
Date of Birth : 29 Dec 1963
Gender : Male
Date of Entry into Service : 2 May 1992
Date of Superannuation : 29 Dec 2023
Mode of Recruitment : Direct Recruitment
Present Grade : SAG
Date of entry into present Grade : 19 May 2014
Present Posting : Ministry of Urban Development
Present Designation : Economic Adviser
Nature of post : Cadre
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Educational Qualifications
Degree University/Institution Subject/Subject of specialization Year of passing/completion Achievements
Graduation Hindu College, Delhi University Economics 1985
Post-Graduation IIM, Lucknow Finance 1987
M. Phil
PhD University of Maryland, College Park, USA Privatization of Infrastructure 2011
Post Doctoral


Whether Study leave has been availed by the Officer : Yes
Details regarding the course attended /Ph D completed during the period.
    PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA; Topic of dissertation: Sustaining Privatization of Infrastructure


Details of Posting in IES
Grade Designation Place of Posting Brief description of duties Date Total Time
JTS Research Officer DEA, Ministry of Finance Assisted the Expert Group on Commercialization of Infrastructure Projects. Issues covered included estimating overall resource requirements in the infrastructure sectors over the next decade, analysis of risks involved in infrastructure investment, sugges 16 Sep 1992 - 31 Oct 1995 3 Years, 1 Months, 14 Days Cadre
STS Deputy Director Department of Economic Affairs Monitored data in the field of Capital Markets, Money, Credit and Banking. Pointed areas of concern and proposed remedial measures. 1 Feb 2001 - 5 Feb 2002 1 Years, 4 Days Cadre
JAG Deputy Secretary Prime Minister's Office Helped formulate and implement policies designed to promote Public Private Partnerships in transport infrastructure including roads, ports, airports, and railways. Assisted policy formulation and implementation designed to improve governance in the coal i 7 Feb 2002 - 24 Aug 2006 4 Years, 6 Months, 16 Days CSS Deputation
NFSG Director Planning Commission Helped policy formulation and preparation of standardized documents for promoting private participation in the Indian power sector through balanced risk sharing between the public and the private sectors..Assisted the State Governments of Assam, Jammu and 1 Jul 2011 - 27 Dec 2013 2 Years, 5 Months, 27 Days Cadre
NFSG Director Department of Disinvestment Divestment Policy 27 Dec 2013 - 18 May 2014 4 Months, 20 Days Cadre
SAG Adviser Department of Disinvestment, Ministry of Finance All matters relating to divestment of Central Public Sector Enterprises in Ministry of Shipping.Help determine the privatization agenda of the Government including the companies to be divested and extent of divestment. Strategise the divestment policy of 19 May 2014 - 26 May 2015 1 Years, 7 Days Cadre
SAG Economic Adviser Ministry of Urban Development Chair of the Working Group writing the Model Concession Agreement for Public Private Partnership in Urban Water Supply sector. Chair of the Committee for the issue of Municipal Bonds in India. Financing of Smart Cities.Public Private Partnerships in Smart 27 May 2015 - 08 Aug 2016
Till Date
1 Years, 2 Months, 3 Days Cadre


Personal/Study Leave (if any) :



Details of In Service training (Both Domestic and Foreign of 2 weeks’ duration and above) attended by the officer sponsored by the cadre.

Year Name of the training course Name of Institute Venue Period of Training
(in weeks)

Details of Training Programme attended by the officer sponsored by the Ministry/Department in which they were posted

Year Name of the training course Name of Institute Venue Period of Training
(in weeks)


Any specific area or subject where the officer would prefer to be trained, for current assignment and for long term career progression.

Training for Current assignment :
Training for Long term Career Progression :



Please mention contributions, if any, like publication of articles in journals/ publication of books/paper presentations in seminars or workshops or conferences by the officer during the tenure in IES.

Nature of Activity Name Topic Year of publication
Publication IDFC Law Reporter (Third Anniversary Issue) Regulation of Renewable Energy in India: Lessons from International Experience 2011
Publication India: A Critical Decade (Oxford University Press) Does Privatization Lead to Benign Results: The Indian Experience and Policy Lessons 2011
Article in Journal/Newspapers Sanford Journal of Public Policy (Duke University, USA) Does Privatization Lead to Benign Outcomes: A Case Study of India 2011
Publication World Bank Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Investments in South Asia's Electric Power Infrastructure 2010
Article in Journal/Newspapers World Bank What drives private sector exit from infrastructure: Economic crises and other factors in the cancellation of private infrastructure projects in developing countries 2009
Article in Journal/Newspapers Economic and Political Weekly Renegotiation in Long Term Infrastructure Projects 2013
Article in Journal/Newspapers Economic and Political Weekly Delhi Airport Metro Fiasco What can be done to redeem the project 2013
Article in Journal/Newspapers Economic and Political Weekly Floundering Public Private Partnerships in India Some suggestions 2014
Paper Presentation(Conferences/Seminar) World Bank Assessment of Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure 2009
Paper Presentation(Conferences/Seminar) University of Maryland, USA Sustaining Privatization: Do Public Private Partnership Projects in Infrastructure provide Value for Money to governments 2010


Area of specialization of the officer Grade No. of years of specialization gained
Economic Regulation JAG,NFSG 10 Years
Energy JTS,STS,JAG,NFSG 10 Years
Infrastructure JTS,STS,JAG,NFSG,SAG 15 Years
Transport STS,JAG,NFSG,SAG 14 Years


Specific area of interest/field of work where the officer would prefer to be placed.
Economic Regulation, Energy, Infrastructure, Transport

Subject/Area or topic preferred by the officer to deliver a lecture, whenever required.
Economic Regulation, Energy, Infrastructure, Urban Development, Transport


Contact Details
Office Address

Room No 232 C
Nirman Bhavan

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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