A post in the SAG is falling vacant in Ministry of Corporate Affairs, on 1st August, 2019. Due to certain exigencies, it has been decided that eligible officers in SAG may kindly indicate their willingness for the post. It may be mentioned that those officers who could be relieved from their current postings may only indicate.
Birthdays this week
Dr. Kamala Kanta Tripathy, Director, Higher Education - 15th July | Shri Anshuman Mohanty, Additional Economic adviser, DC-MSME - 15th July | Shri Arun Prasad T., Deputy Regional Passport Officer, Regional Passport Office, MEA - 15th July | Ms. Indrani Kaushal, Economic Adviser, Petroleum and Natural Gas - 17th July | Shri R. Nihal Pedric, Joint Director, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority - 18th July | Shri Bipul Kumar Datta, Assistant Director, Rural Development - 18th July | Shri Biswa Bihari Panigrahi, Deputy Director, Tribal Affairs - 18th July | Shri C. Chinnappa, Director, Textiles - 19th July | Shri Virender Singh, Director, Economic Affairs - 19th July | Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sinha, Joint Secretary, Financial Services - 20th July | Shri Nilambuj Sharan, Economic Adviser, Health and Family Welfare - 20th July
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