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Shri Gaurav Kumar Jha, Deputy Director, Economic Affairs - 24th May | Ms. Vandana Aggarwal, Economic Adviser, Civil Aviation - 25th May | Shri Rahees M., Deputy Regional Passport Officer, Reginal Passport Office, MEA - 25th May | Ms. Athira S. Babu, Director, Mines - 25th May | Shri Anupam Mitra, Additional Economic Adviser, O/o Economic Adviser, DIPP - 26th May | Ms. Pragyansmita Sahoo, Deputy Director, MSME -DI - 27th May | Ms. Prerna Joshi, Deputy Director, DONER - 27th May | Shri Jithesh John, Director, Economic Affairs - 28th May | Shri Prasanth C., Deputy Regional Passport Officer, Reginal Passport Office, MEA - 28th May | Shri Rishi Kant, Deputy Director, Railways - 28th May | Shri Ajay Srivastava, Economic Adviser, Commerce - 29th May | Shri Satyen Lama, Registrar, Debts Recovery Tribunal - 26th May | Ms. Chitra Ravindra Dhavale, Assistant Director, O/o Textile Commissioner - 31st May
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citizen's expectations from the Government and are meant to enrich and enhance the citizen friendly policy formulation as well as to support the
professional development of public policy economists.